A Surprise Birthday Present

A Surprise Birthday Present

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, and I’d decided to organize a surprise birthday party for him. We lived in New York, and he’d told me that when he was younger he’d missed out on a few birthdays, due to being sick. He’d never even had a surprise birthday party. Fortunately, as an adult he was healthy, and he had tons of friends. I decided to surprise him, and make his day a fun one.

The invitations were surreptitiously sent out, and the party planning had begun. He had a really good sense of humor, so I settled on a kid’s style party. There would be banners, balloons, and sparkle. There would be a birthday cake with many candles. It would be like a children’s birthday party, but for an adult instead.

Once I’d decided on planning the surprise party, I had to decide on the best birthday gift. It’s difficult buying a gift for a boyfriend who already has everything. He’d just purchased a new entertainment system, so that was out. He already had the latest electronic gadgets too. I found it difficult buying clothing, as it often didn’t fit right, or it wasn’t his style.

After thinking about it for a week, I decided to visit the local stores. Hopefully they’d offer some gift ideas. There’s just one problem with shopping in New York though. Either you shop the discount stores, or you shop the high end stores. I was disappointed with what I found at either choice. I wanted a gift that didn’t look cheap, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money either.

Finally, the decision came to me one Sunday. My boyfriend was in the bathroom shaving for our weekly Sunday brunch out. I heard him complaining about his electric shaver. It was pulling on his whiskers. It was also taking him an awful long time to shave his face and neck.

I’d asked him why he didn’t just buy a new one. He said it’d been his trusty shaver for years. I don’t understand men and their electric shavers. They replace their smart phones every year, and buy a new TV every two, yet they have to use the same electric shaver for ten years straight.

My decision was an easy one then. I’d be buying him the best electric shaver as a present. I headed back to the same stores that I’d visited earlier. I was unhappy with pushy sales tactics though. They just wanted to sell me what they wanted to get off the shelf. When I checked a big box store they had no display models, and I couldn’t see past the packaging.

I finally decided to shop online. Not only did they have plenty of photographs of each electric shaver on offer, but there were detailed feature descriptions, and plenty of reviews to read.

I finally found the best electric shaver for a birthday present for my boyfriend. No longer would I have to listen to him complaining in the bathroom.