Jess seeks for a Baby Monitor!

I’ve gone lost for a little bit, but I have reasons for that mostly that in London sometimes it is just not possible to sit in the apartment in front of a computer, because there are so much more things to do.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I like to live my life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it, that is the reason why sometimes I experience the events rather than writing about them. But, enough of the excuses, I’m here and I brought a cool story for you, so it is hardly recommended to read on, if you were surprised by the unusual title of my post!

Why would you be surprised? Well, because I’m only 20 years old for chrissake! Okay, it might only be shocking for me, anyways I was speechless, when I found out that some of my friends have already started the baby producing business. I do not mean to offend anyone with my language, I just would like to emphasize that for me, 20 is an extremely early age for giving birth, but that might be just me and my desire to stay a child for as long as I can.

Back to the story, some of the folks from my high school decided to organize a high school reunion, however we have only graduated two years ago. They probably missed me already, just joking… So, I’ve decided to go, because it sounded like a great opportunity to party with my ‘classmates’ and find out what happened with them in the past two years, if they were successful, cool in any sense or just miserable. They allowed me to pick the place, so I chose a bar on Brick Lane as I love those places and they are mostly affordable even for me.

It was a Friday evening and I really looked forward the party, which rather turned out as a baby shower… When I arrived, a bit late, my first thought was that I’m at the wrong place. The music was quiet, and the people were calmly chatting with each other. I expected a party, people trying to shout over the music, and everybody drinking alcohol. I went to the table, where I’ve recognized some of my acquaintances, and then I just stood there in shock, when I’ve realized that three (3!!) of my once former classmates are having a huge baby bump! All the others have known about them, I was the only one who had to find it out this way. I might have been a little rude standing there, not congratulating them or anything, but I just could not overcome my shock.

When, I finally decided to greet everyone and sit down, I’ve realized that they all brought gifts for the three girls, except me. So, instead of a cool high school reunion, I participated on a secret baby shower, to where I came empty-handed. I felt so embarrassed… What more, no one drank alcohol, as they expressed their solidarity towards the pregnant girls; therefore I’ve decided not to drink either.

When I got home, full of embarrassment, I’ve decided to order a gift for all of them in order to remake the damage I’ve done. The first two was easy, as they’ve never been my friends, really, so I just bought them some unimportant stuff, a baby blanket and some onesies. But, Amy was a dear friend of mine for four years, so I wanted to get her something more serious, and I’ve decided that a Baby Monitor would be a cool gift.

Unfortunately, finding a Baby Monitor is not that easy, especially if you are all in panic because you feel that you are so backwards to the others! I was reading the Baby Monitor reviews all night and I felt so weird about it, but I just wanted to show, that I worth it and at least I can buy a worthy gift for my mum-to-be friend. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning when I’ve found the perfect one online. I immediately bought it, before someone else ‘stole’ it and the next day I called Amy to have a proper conversation with her and give her the Baby Monitor in person. She was sincerely happy about it, I could tell, so I decided to be happy for her as well and accept that some have reached that stage of their life when they need to grow up.