Hey There

I’m Jessica Caylyn from London. Gosh, it’s already feels like I’m at an Anonym Alcoholics meeting! Anyways, I live in Camden Town, because that’s the one place in London, where you can find all the parties, life and joy, and Music. This is really important, because Music is my L.I.F.E.! We’ve arrived to our main topic already, as I’m planning to write my blog on the topic of music. I couldn’t really write on any other topic, but this is the one thing, of which I know about, a lot! I’m 20 years old, and I moved here 2 years ago, at the age of 18 (I did the math for you 😉 ). Yes, I’ve decided not to go to college, but rather enjoy life and do what I like to do. I work at a music shop part time, but nowadays all the music is online, so I can’t really earn a lot with that, I just love the atmosphere there, and that I can listen to whatever I want, during the day. I also got a part time job at a radio station, which is really awesome. So, the good thing is that I can listen to pop music and other kind of ‘radio music’ in the morning and I can enjoy the classics, rock and the alternative music in the afternoon. After work I can listen to the young talents on the Camden’s street, and after dinner I play the guitar in my little, comfy apartment. That’s my life. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

I know that usually people in the first post only write a little introduction about themselves, but I’d also like to start spreading my music, I hope you don’t mind. The thing is that most of the people only get their ‘music education’ from the radio, but there is so much more good music, or better music! As I live in Camden for a reason, the first music aims to convey the Camden feeling to you! It is one of the songs from the famous collection of ‘SoundsYouNeed’. There is no better feeling, than going home after a hard day at work, listening to this music. Enjoy!

Although, it is not very Camden Like, so let me introduce you to one of our street performers as well. Sorry for the bad quality. Street music is much underrated!

I have to go now, my guitar misses me, I can hear her crying!