A Surprise Birthday Present

A Surprise Birthday Present

My boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, and I’d decided to organize a surprise birthday party for him. We lived in New York, and he’d told me that when he was younger he’d missed out on a few birthdays, due to being sick. He’d never even had a surprise birthday party. Fortunately, as an adult he was healthy, and he had tons of friends. I decided to surprise him, and make his day a fun one.

The invitations were surreptitiously sent out, and the party planning had begun. He had a really good sense of humor, so I settled on a kid’s style party. There would be banners, balloons, and sparkle. There would be a birthday cake with many candles. It would be like a children’s birthday party, but for an adult instead.

Once I’d decided on planning the surprise party, I had to decide on the best birthday gift. It’s difficult buying a gift for a boyfriend who already has everything. He’d just purchased a new entertainment system, so that was out. He already had the latest electronic gadgets too. I found it difficult buying clothing, as it often didn’t fit right, or it wasn’t his style.

After thinking about it for a week, I decided to visit the local stores. Hopefully they’d offer some gift ideas. There’s just one problem with shopping in New York though. Either you shop the discount stores, or you shop the high end stores. I was disappointed with what I found at either choice. I wanted a gift that didn’t look cheap, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money either.

Finally, the decision came to me one Sunday. My boyfriend was in the bathroom shaving for our weekly Sunday brunch out. I heard him complaining about his electric shaver. It was pulling on his whiskers. It was also taking him an awful long time to shave his face and neck.

I’d asked him why he didn’t just buy a new one. He said it’d been his trusty shaver for years. I don’t understand men and their electric shavers. They replace their smart phones every year, and buy a new TV every two, yet they have to use the same electric shaver for ten years straight.

My decision was an easy one then. I’d be buying him the best electric shaver as a present. I headed back to the same stores that I’d visited earlier. I was unhappy with pushy sales tactics though. They just wanted to sell me what they wanted to get off the shelf. When I checked a big box store they had no display models, and I couldn’t see past the packaging.

I finally decided to shop online. Not only did they have plenty of photographs of each electric shaver on offer, but there were detailed feature descriptions, and plenty of reviews to read.

I finally found the best electric shaver for a birthday present for my boyfriend. No longer would I have to listen to him complaining in the bathroom.

Jess seeks for a Baby Monitor!

I’ve gone lost for a little bit, but I have reasons for that mostly that in London sometimes it is just not possible to sit in the apartment in front of a computer, because there are so much more things to do.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I like to live my life to the fullest and enjoy every bit of it, that is the reason why sometimes I experience the events rather than writing about them. But, enough of the excuses, I’m here and I brought a cool story for you, so it is hardly recommended to read on, if you were surprised by the unusual title of my post!

Why would you be surprised? Well, because I’m only 20 years old for chrissake! Okay, it might only be shocking for me, anyways I was speechless, when I found out that some of my friends have already started the baby producing business. I do not mean to offend anyone with my language, I just would like to emphasize that for me, 20 is an extremely early age for giving birth, but that might be just me and my desire to stay a child for as long as I can.

Back to the story, some of the folks from my high school decided to organize a high school reunion, however we have only graduated two years ago. They probably missed me already, just joking… So, I’ve decided to go, because it sounded like a great opportunity to party with my ‘classmates’ and find out what happened with them in the past two years, if they were successful, cool in any sense or just miserable. They allowed me to pick the place, so I chose a bar on Brick Lane as I love those places and they are mostly affordable even for me.

It was a Friday evening and I really looked forward the party, which rather turned out as a baby shower… When I arrived, a bit late, my first thought was that I’m at the wrong place. The music was quiet, and the people were calmly chatting with each other. I expected a party, people trying to shout over the music, and everybody drinking alcohol. I went to the table, where I’ve recognized some of my acquaintances, and then I just stood there in shock, when I’ve realized that three (3!!) of my once former classmates are having a huge baby bump! All the others have known about them, I was the only one who had to find it out this way. I might have been a little rude standing there, not congratulating them or anything, but I just could not overcome my shock.

When, I finally decided to greet everyone and sit down, I’ve realized that they all brought gifts for the three girls, except me. So, instead of a cool high school reunion, I participated on a secret baby shower, to where I came empty-handed. I felt so embarrassed… What more, no one drank alcohol, as they expressed their solidarity towards the pregnant girls; therefore I’ve decided not to drink either.

When I got home, full of embarrassment, I’ve decided to order a gift for all of them in order to remake the damage I’ve done. The first two was easy, as they’ve never been my friends, really, so I just bought them some unimportant stuff, a baby blanket and some onesies. But, Amy was a dear friend of mine for four years, so I wanted to get her something more serious, and I’ve decided that a Baby Monitor would be a cool gift.

Unfortunately, finding a Baby Monitor is not that easy, especially if you are all in panic because you feel that you are so backwards to the others! I was reading the Baby Monitor reviews all night and I felt so weird about it, but I just wanted to show, that I worth it and at least I can buy a worthy gift for my mum-to-be friend. It was already 3 o’clock in the morning when I’ve found the perfect one online. I immediately bought it, before someone else ‘stole’ it and the next day I called Amy to have a proper conversation with her and give her the Baby Monitor in person. She was sincerely happy about it, I could tell, so I decided to be happy for her as well and accept that some have reached that stage of their life when they need to grow up.

Nightlife in London

Famous essayist and poet Samuel Johnson once said, “…when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” When we speak of London’s vibrant nightlife the same stands true. The city has innumerable clubs, bars & restaurants to keep everyone engaged till the early hours of the morning. Visiting any of these will not only help you relax and have fun, but also feel the pulse of this unique city.


London can provide you with an unparalleled clubbing experience. Besides, the city boasts of clubs that suit almost everyone’s budget and taste. Do not forget putting on your dancing shoes before heading on to any of these.

Ministry of Sound

This was set up way back in 1991. Ministry of Sound has a huge dance floor and an equally powerful sound system. The DJs will ensure that you dance to their rhythm till the wee hours of the morning. They frequently organize themed parties and shows to keep the revelers engaged.


Cable is located inside the Bermondsey Street tunnel, but don’t let its location deter you from visiting the club. It has two dance floors and remains open nearly 24 hours a day.

Proud Camden

This is one of the favorite night spots for many. The club uses a painstakingly restored 200 year old building as its venue.

Bars, Cafés & Restaurants

London is called the cocktail capital of the world. To taste a glass of cocktail you may head towards any of the renowned bars of the city like Artesian Bar in Regent Street, Happiness Forgets in Hoxton Square or Nightjar in the Old Street. Connaught Bar at Mayfair is another chic place to visit. On the other hand, if you may prefer venues that are slightly offbeat in character you will find the following ones most interesting.

Callooh Callay

Enter Callooh Callay through a wardrobe like doorway and you literally step into a new world. Many people consider this to be the best cocktail bar of Shoreditch. The atmosphere of the lounge is relaxed and the menu keeps on being updated.


The ambience, the accessories, costumes of the staff and the crockery bring back the memories of a bygone era. A visit to Barts will feel like a dream once the sun rises and you return to your room.

Back In 5 Minutes

Back In 5 Minutes is hidden behind a retail outlet at the Brick Lane. Diners will enjoy both the taste of the food and the intimate setting of this restaurant.

Live Music

A night’s outing in London is never complete without visiting its many concerts or music venues. Places like Brixton Academy, Scala, The Forum, The O2 and Ronnie Scott’s are great places to unwind with the sound of soulful music. Royal Albert Hall continues to host major shows almost every week.


For the literary minded a visit to The Book Club in Shoreditch is a must. You may take a sip from a glass of champagne while turning over the pages of your favorite book. Many museums like National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, V&A etc. remain open late on a specific date each week.

Hey There

I’m Jessica Caylyn from London. Gosh, it’s already feels like I’m at an Anonym Alcoholics meeting! Anyways, I live in Camden Town, because that’s the one place in London, where you can find all the parties, life and joy, and Music. This is really important, because Music is my L.I.F.E.! We’ve arrived to our main topic already, as I’m planning to write my blog on the topic of music. I couldn’t really write on any other topic, but this is the one thing, of which I know about, a lot! I’m 20 years old, and I moved here 2 years ago, at the age of 18 (I did the math for you 😉 ). Yes, I’ve decided not to go to college, but rather enjoy life and do what I like to do. I work at a music shop part time, but nowadays all the music is online, so I can’t really earn a lot with that, I just love the atmosphere there, and that I can listen to whatever I want, during the day. I also got a part time job at a radio station, which is really awesome. So, the good thing is that I can listen to pop music and other kind of ‘radio music’ in the morning and I can enjoy the classics, rock and the alternative music in the afternoon. After work I can listen to the young talents on the Camden’s street, and after dinner I play the guitar in my little, comfy apartment. That’s my life. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

I know that usually people in the first post only write a little introduction about themselves, but I’d also like to start spreading my music, I hope you don’t mind. The thing is that most of the people only get their ‘music education’ from the radio, but there is so much more good music, or better music! As I live in Camden for a reason, the first music aims to convey the Camden feeling to you! It is one of the songs from the famous collection of ‘SoundsYouNeed’. There is no better feeling, than going home after a hard day at work, listening to this music. Enjoy!

Although, it is not very Camden Like, so let me introduce you to one of our street performers as well. Sorry for the bad quality. Street music is much underrated!

I have to go now, my guitar misses me, I can hear her crying!